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Surplus Shelters

Used telecom shelters at cost-effective prices

Used Telecom Shelters in Specific Sizes

BDC Group, Inc provides surplus shelters in a variety of sizes. This includes complete restoration services for your own precast concrete shelter to meet your individual requirements for your specific project.

BDC Group can provide unique turn-key solutions to assist you with design, customization, construction, site preparation and installation.

Surplus buildings typically include: structural precast concrete, insulation, FRP walls/ceiling, tile floor, cable racking, equipment racking, grounding, alarming, electrical build out and more.

Our experienced project management team is here to assist you from start to completion.


Full Restoration to Protect Your Equipment

Restored shelters undergo rigorous inspection and specific maintenance options. All shelters can be customized to your specifications to keep your vital telecommunications equipment protected and running 24/7/365, avoiding any down time.

Customize your Shelter

Customize precast concrete shelters ranging in size from 8×8 to as large as 24×40.

Project Management

Our team will initiate, plan, execute, monitor and close your project from start to finish.

Maintenance Solutions

Our crews can provide shelter inspection and repair, foundation upgrades and refurbishment.

Batteries, DC Power & Rectifiers

Designed to regulate server and data rooms 

Prevent combustible and electrical fires

Custom diesel and LP options starting at 10 KW

Monitor and detect any power interruptions

Delivery, Crane & Assembly



Save from 10-15% on the cost of a used shelter option for your project

Save on Cost and Reduce Lead Times

Taking the time to invest now in a used telecom shelter will not only save on the overall cost of a site project, but it can also reduce overall lead time.

This is the internet, looks like a building, looks like a physical structure. It’s the thing that makes that possible. Our heroes are those small to medium size businesses, often started here (like BDC Group) that help to really bring opportunity to all the citizens of Iowa.

Bernard Dutchik


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