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What is TSD?

elecom site development or Telecom TSD is the process of designing, planning, procuring, and completion of broadband and wireless sites.

Telecom Site Development is where BDC Group got our start. At BDC Group, we strive to provide our partners with comprehensive products and services for any project. Our portfolio of products and services can be mixed and matched to create solution packages that can fit any size scope of work.

This includes new and used precast concrete shelters, site and equipment refurbishment or decommissioning, general construction, project management and so much more.

Site Construction & Installation

BDC understands that customers are under immense pressure to get infrastructure projects completed quickly, reliably, and under budget. We can offer general contracting services with turnkey solutions to help telecom infrastructure projects get done on time and on budget, while maintaining quality workmanship.

As experts in managing construction and installation, we are able to minimize lead times, reduce costs, and assure that everything required for the development of your project is in hand prior to the onset of the construction phase. BDC Group can perform all site construction and preparation, including concrete foundations, permitting, decommissioning services, as well as, installing all site equipment.

Our passion for continuous improvement has inspired us to develop some of the most progressive and precise installation processes in the telecom industry.


BDC Group has decades of experience in manufacturing precast concrete products. Our shelter manufacturing facility is centrally located allowing us to offer our customers a cost-effective logistics solution. All shelters can be customized inside and out to meet your proposed needs.

At BDC Group, we recommend precast concrete shelters to house and protect your telecom site equipment. Our precast shelters can be fully customized with sizes ranging from 8’x8’ up to 24’x40’.

Precast shelters are built to endure and withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, protecting your equipment for years and reduce the total cost of ownership long term.

All of our customized shelters include:

  • FRP laminated interior walls & ceilings.

  • Commercial grade flooring tile.

  • Steel doors.

  • Alarming.

  • Climate-controlled HVAC equipment.

  • Many customization options.

Benefits of New Shelter

By purchasing a new precast shelter, you have endless customization options to meet unique specifications, including fabricating a structure at a specific size to meet your exact needs. This is ideal for the consumer in a situation where specific size limitations are key and you can’t find that perfect shelter in the current marketplace, especially with limited options.

Benefits of Surplus

BDC Group can offer procurement and full restoration services for any surplus shelter. Restored shelters undergo rigorous inspection and specific maintenance options. All shelters can be customized to your liking to keep your vital telecommunications equipment running 24/7, avoiding any downtime.

High-Grade Steel Platform

Some projects and sites may not need a full precast concrete shelter to house their equipment. BDC Group has heard our customers and partners need for a cost effective, alternative solution to telecom shelters and has engineered an exclusive high-grade steel platform design in response.

This steel platform design can be completely customized, mass produced and shipped anywhere in the nation for use in broadband wireless systems, fiber regeneration or even emergency deployment situations. Each unit is rigorously tested in-house to ensure each part meets our high-quality standards and regulations, and then is ready for immediate deployment.

High-Grade Steel Platform advantages:

  • Equipment mounted & fully protected.

  • Avoid expensive transport & logistics costs.

  • 60-70% savings on overall costs.

  • Reduced deployment & lead times on telecom projects.

Building Foundation.png

Crane Transport and Logistics

BDC Group Inc. provides logistics services included with our selection of products that require over-sized or heavy-haul shipping. This includes, but not limited to, precast concrete shelters, surplus shelters and generators.

Our experienced project management team will analyze your site prior to delivery. BDC Group’s goal is to help you meet important deadlines and keep your project on budget!

Our team will also reduce risks by coordinating and preparing your site prior to delivery and managing all communications with each party involved (drivers, cranes, riggers, permits, etc.)

This could mean the difference between an on-time and under-budget project versus one that is riddled with complications that quickly goes over deadline and over budget. Having BDC manage your project from beginning to end, means you only have one contact to get updates from. When you work with us, you’ll get nothing but our best.

Transportation and Logistics.png

Power Equipment

It’s no secret that efficient power equipment is critical to any telecom site. Having clean and constant power equipment is vital to ensure infrastructure never suffers any downtime. If the DC power plant experiences power failure or loss of connection, a breakdown in operational production and employee’s ability to perform manual jobs. Any loss of efficiency or failure in power equipment can be costly, both in dollars and time.

BDC Group Inc. offers a large and diverse inventory of power equipment to meet the exact requirements of your power systems. Our OEM partnerships allow us to meet existing DC power plant and telecom systems specifications, and we’re proud to be able to offer power supply support for mobile and fixed systems alike. BDC Group Inc. will help you find the right rectifier and auxiliary power components for your needs.


Having a backup generator on site and ready to take over in an emergency is important. When other energy sources are temporarily down, it doesn’t mean a telecom site has to be down as well. If a cities power grid fails, other power sources are down, or natural disasters occur, a backup generator can keep network infrastructure and equipment up and running.

BDC Group has partnerships with the top manufacturers in the industry to carry a variety of industrial generators that can be used for stand-by, primary or secondary power solutions.

Generator models:

  • New Diesel

  • Used Diesel

  • Liquid Propane (LP)

  • Natural Gas

Electrical and Grounding.png


As the need for data centers and overall upgrades increase in the coming years, having qualified decommissioning and restoration experts will become vital to any planned infrastructure project. Our decommissioning services can be utilized for shelters, generators, towers, data centers, and more.

BDC Group Inc. can offer exclusive decommissioning turn-key services to help you streamline the entire decommission process including:

  • Site analysis

  • End-to-end project management

  • Equipment demolition

  • Removal

  • Disposal

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