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Fire Suppression

Protect your important and valuable equipment

Reduce Downtime and Protect Valuable Assets

Fire suppression plays an important role in reducing network downtime while protecting your equipment and other valuable assets.

These suppression systems provide sustainable technology with an environmentally-friendly solution. Fire suppression systems effectively prevent combustible, electrical and flammable liquid fires before they cause substantial damage.

This is a clean product, leaving no residue and making it safe for discharge in occupied areas. Traditional methods for fighting fire such as water or dry chemicals can cause significant damage to sensitive electrical equipment, which is why we only use FM200 and ​Novec 1230 suppression products.

New and Used Telecom Shelters
Data Centers and Cell Sites
Control Rooms and Transfer Stations

Turn-key (or turnkey) is defined as a type of project that is constructed so that it can be sold to any buyer as a completed product. By using the term, it refers to something (product or service) that is ready for immediate use.  

Controlling and Eliminating Fire Threats

When fire causes a telecommunications hub to fail, business operations are interrupted, financial transactions frozen, and emergency response units put at risk. Telecommunications companies can lose millions of dollars when networks go down. Fire and the subsequent halt of business translate into lost revenues and lost clients to competitors. Communications facilities, including data centers, control rooms, cell sites, and transfer stations all house sensitive equipment and potentially flammable materials creating the need for reliable suppression systems.

We install all suppression systems based on your particular needs, in order to ensure that your shelters are ready for use when delivered!

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