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Electrical Services

Inspections, Installation, Maintenance Window Support

Installation, Inspection and Maintenance

BDC Group offers turn key electrical contracting services in addition to our diverse portfolio of services. BDC licensed electricians with 15+ years of experience are available to help with any project’s electrical needs.

Our electricians can handle a variety of electrical projects from new installations or inspections for existing systems as well as maintenance, and decommissioning.

Electrical Services

Service Installation/Upgrade

Installation an upgrading of any new or existing electrical system


Detailed inspections for all electrical systems to ensure equipment is safe and operational

Maintenance Window Support

Our team is ready to answer your call any time or day. We are here for you

Inside Plant Services

Our experts will find the right power components for your infrastructure needs

Civil Electric

Full service options including grounding, AC and DC power, ATS and maintenance

5e and CAT 6 Lines

Installation and cable management for 5e and CAT 6 ethernet cabling networks

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