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Electrical Is Everywhere

Electrical should be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of building or maintaining network infrastructure. It is a key component to both ISP and OSP infrastructure, from the electricity needed to power the equipment to grounding the site in order to protect the equipment. Generators, HVAC, lighting, meters and more, whether it’s a shelter or cabinet, electrical work and maintenance is vital for any telecom site.

At BDC Group we have licensed master electricians with years of experience to help with any projects inside or outside plant electrical needs. We offer turnkey electrical contracting services in addition to our diverse portfolio of telecom services. Our team can handle a variety of electrical projects from shelter and cabinet equipment wiring to electrical inspections, maintenance, and decommissioning.

Inside Plant (ISP) Electrical

Electrical services are necessary when building, maintaining, or upgrading your wireless or broadband sites. From equipment swaps, generator and HVAC installs, and a whole list of inside plant equipment like rack installs, AC/DC power services, batteries, grounding, alarming, and more, any wireless or broadband site is chock full of electrical components. Having an experienced electrician to help install, repair, or maintain your complex system infrastructure will reduce down time and protect the integrity of your infrastructure.

When looking at what electrical and grounding is needed for telecom shelters, both AC and DC power is necessary. The vital equipment housed within the shelter run on DC power, while lighting and HVAC systems run on standard AC power. Also hooking up the generator to an automatic transfer switch (ATS) is important in the event of any power failure. Grounding is required to protect the equipment and prevent any unwanted surges or static build up on site.

Outside Plant (OSP) and Maintenance


Just as with ISP, outside plant enclosures, pedestals, and cabinets also require electrical services to help regenerate or distribute signals. While the electrical need and scope for OSP enclosures may be less extensive than in a larger facility, it is just as vital to the network infrastructure. The equipment inside of the cabinet requires wiring, DC power, grounding, and a potential back up power solution. Each component needs to be wired properly in order to operate properly and efficiently.



Today’s fiber networks are made to be installed and left untouched unless damage occurs. But the most important part of protecting the infrastructure is performing routine inspections and test all network equipment. From batteries and generators to HVAC, grounding and supporting equipment, all of these components require routine maintenance to avoid costly network down time. It is important to protect your infrastructure by creating and maintaining a routine maintenance plan, as well as keeping detailed records for each piece of your infrastructure.

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