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Removal services for shelters, generators and towers

Full Equipment Removal and Disposal Solutions

BDC Group Inc. can offer exclusive turn-key, decommissioning services including site analysis, end-to-end project management, equipment demolition, removal, and disposal to help you streamline the entire decommission process.

This includes analyzing your decom project and coordinating communications with logistical partners including drivers, cranes, riggers, permits, etc.

This could mean the difference between an on-time and under-budget project versus one that is riddled with complications that quickly goes over deadline and over budget. ​

When you work with us, you’ll get nothing but our best.

Used Shelters



An Introduction to Telcom Site Development


Data Center Decom

According to Forbes, data centers will continue to see significant growth over the next few years. This is all due to increased demand for mobile computing, IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing. Data centers can include, but are not limited to: servers, storage subsystems, networking switches, routers, firewalls and cabling/physical racks to properly organize and interconnect all important IT equipment.

As the need for data centers and overall upgrades increase in the coming years, having qualified decommissioning and restoration experts will become vital to any planned infrastructure project. BDC Group can initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control all aspects of your data center decommission projects nationwide and can restore, refurbish and replace any of the equipment inside.

Project Management

Equipment Disposal

Various Logistic Options

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