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Cabinet Integration

Lightweight and vault-like security

Protect Equipment with Outdoor Telecom Cabinets

BDC Group Inc. can provide exclusive access to telecom cabinet integration options to protect vital communications components including wiring, cables and fiber optics.

Telecom cabinets offer accessibility for both the installation and routine maintenance of telecommunication networks, while also providing ample opportunity for infrastructure upgrades and expansion at an affordable cost.

Lightweight and space efficient

Vault-like security and protection

Weather resistant, climate controlled

Upgrade Your Infrastructure

Telecom cabinets are ideal for either indoor or outdoor site builds. With a lightweight design, it provides easy accessibility for installation and routine maintenance of telecom networks. When a business is looking to make the jump to upgrade, cabinets are very affordable and leave the option for easy expansion options. BDC Group has engineered an exclusive Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform (FRCP) design that utilizes the protection offered by a telecom cabinet (as an alternative to new precast shelters or used shelters) to house the following:

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